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Why website development

There's many branch of software engineering, but why did I choose website development in particular?

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The question

I first learned programming with Python back in 2018. I could make small games with Python but I didn’t make any meaningful software like I am making now. When I first got to know about HTML and CSS, I immediately built a little website with it. I explored CSS and made a couple of funky websites. Then I learned git, deploying pages in GitHub and I could visit the websites I made through every device! I showed it to my mom, my sister, my dad, and my friends. That made me honestly happy. I didn’t think about it this much at that time. But now that I’m older, specializing in website development, and have real-world job experience, I asked myself, “Why do I like to work in this particular branch?”

The answer

Growing up, I didn’t have access to cutting-edge computers and smartphones. To get into game dev or machine learning, you need your device to have good specs. Low-level programming didn’t excite me much because I could not see my work running on every device. If you built a website, you can visit it from old computers to iPad. It’s not iPhone-specific, it’s not Windows or mac specific. Anyone with a working internet connection and a device that supports any browser would be able to look your website up. The information on my website would be available without downloading anything. I think that’s why I like what I do very much!