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Hi! I'm sam, generally an idiot but sometimes genius human being.


I started my web developement journey in September 2020. From there, I came a long way to be able to intern at two companies. I also worked full time building UI parts, fixing bugs and adding extra features at Ripple Community. I had to quit because I wanted fo focus on getting good grades for uni admission but I still haven't finished my high school graduation yet.

Currently, I am looking into open source contribution, blogging and studying full time. I keep a collection of resources I found useful. They are mostly on programming, getting a job, resume tips and basic technology.


I mostly work with React, Next.js and JavaScript. Recently loving Typescript and TailwindCSS. I also know a bit backend involving Express.js and MongoDB. Most of my projects were built with MERN stack. Here are a couple of them -

ema-john - Ema-john, an Amazon clone
pin-matcher - A website where you can generate a pin and validate that pin to unlock a secret door.
photoScape - Serving the purpose of booking a Photography service catered to your needs
penguin-fashion - A simple landing page (E-commerce) website with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.


During my free time, I enjoy books and movies. My favourite genre is action so I love every MCU and DC (yes both) movie. I read a lot but mainly in my native language which is Bengali. You can see my collections of favourite quotes here. I appear occasionaly on discord servers to hang out. My discord tag is samihatasnim I also consume knowledge about various things on a weekly basis based on my current topic of interest.